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Timothy J. McCarthy and the saving of an American President

11 Sep

The McCarthy clan has along history in the United States starting in the very beginning and in the highest of circles. Captain Daniel McCarty, Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses and  Justice Sheriff of Westmoreland County had a son, Dennis McCarty who married Sarah Ball. Their children were cousins of President George Washington. This McCarty sept had a close relationship with General George Washington and is mentioned often in his diaries.  They lived among his circles and when the Revolutionary war came, they fought in his army.  Considering the admirable qualities of the McCarthy Clan, it wouldn’t be fate that would bring yet another person of the Clan to the side of an American President.

Timothy was the only son of Norm McCarthy. Norm was a WW II veteran and a member of the Chicago police force and was no stranger to bullets heading his way.  Little did he know he would produce a man that would save the life of the President. Norm raised Timothy  in the southern Chicago neighborhood of Ashburn.  Ashburn was originally populated with a large number of Irish. Ashburn was a prosperous and Irish-catholic area with well run Catholic schools. Timothy would graduate from St. Denis and Leo Catholic High Schools and would later go on to graduate from the University of Illinois and even later in life would obtain a Masters from Lewis University in Illinois.  So far….all marks of man with a keen mind.

While at the University of Illinois Timothy also played football. While a lot time is wasted watching football, and other games, not much time is wasted when actually playing football. Few games make one tougher, and the toughness is why few men venture to play.  The duel quality of toughness and intelligence is a rare thing…except among the McCarthy Clan. So it is no surprise that Timothy would find himself on the field…and later find himself “in the field” working for the most selective and elite protective services of all time, the United States Secret Service.

On March 30, 1981 Timothy’s keen mind and toughness would be put to the test. That day,  wearing a newly purchased suit, he would take a bullet for President Ronald Reagan. Timothy also knew full well that when getting shot – you also need to look sharp.  No one looked sharper that day than Timothy in his blue suit.

Heretofore, President Reagan and Timothy had not known each other; as there are many Secret Service agents on the president’s detail. In the hospital and during the recovery of President Reagan and Timothy – they were introduced one to another and thus began another special relationship between a McCarthy and a U.S. president.

Timothy spent over 10 more years with the secret service and is now Chief of Police for the Village of Orland park in Illinois. He and his wife has raised three McCarthy children…making the world a better place.