Billy The Kid: William Henry McCarty, Jr.

16 May

It has been said, and rightly so, that Ireland’s greatest export is its people.  No doubt this is true. When you look at the contributions of the Irish people to the Nations of the world it is no doubt that they unmistakably burn brighter in proportion to those people of other nations.

Sometimes though the brightness hurts the eyes of those around them…for those accustomed to the dark anyway.

The American West…a land yet untamed in the 1800s.  For America to fulfill her destiny in the world the West had to be brought to heel.  Who could tame such a land?

Well, the Celtic people brought the first civility to the wild untamed lands of the European continent before they settled in Ireland. There could be no better people to take on the American West – but how to get them out of Ireland? For Ireland was the perfect place for such a people. It is the most beautiful of all lands, and yet an island. The small island of Ireland serves a few purposes. It prevented the Celtic people from obtaining too many resources and it was such a nice home that they would not want to leave. If just one of those two things were not true it is a sure thing that they would have taken over the whole world!  So again, how to get enough them out of Ireland to tame the American West so a home could be built for people of weaker constitutions?

Enter – the potato famines of the 1800s. When there is too little to eat, well it might be a good idea to go searching for food elsewhere….and this, it is believed, is what brought a young family to Ireland that would produce one of the greatest legends of the American West: Billy The Kid.

His Legend continues to grow today and is recounted in comics, books, tv shows and movies.

A few misguided people will argue that Billy the Kid was an Outlaw and part of the lawless and uncivilized West. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, Billy was rough, ruthless when he had to be – and that is just the type of man needed to stick fork in the eye of the corrupt officials of Lincoln County in the New Mexico Territory; and corrupt officials are worse than the untamed wilderness.

The facts of the story spell out a  man worthy of tribute. And what of those lesser men whom he engaged in battle?

Well they would never have been in any story told, if they had not been illuminated by the light of,  a McCarty…

William Henry McCarty Jr.     Known to the world as:

Billy The Kid.

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