Book Review: The McCartys of the Northern Neck, 350 Years of a Virginia Family by William M. McCarty, M.D. and Kathleen Much

30 Apr

Where Joseph O’Brien left off in covering the family of Dennis McCarty in his book The McCarthys in Early American History, William McCarty, in this book takes over. The McCartys of the Northern Neck serves as the standard for genealogical histories in both quality of and thoroughness of research as well as presentation.

This book is 600 pages long and hard bound with every care given to make this book not just an accurate record but an interesting read.

The book begins with some background information and some history to help orient the reader into the age just before the American revolution. From this one can gain insight not just into who came from who – but into their lives and accomplishments.

William also provides a wealth of insight into how genealogical research is done. If one were desiring to take a course in genealogical research, reading this book alone may suffice in providing the desired knowledge.

This family of McCartys was prominent in Virginia and intermarried, or had close relationships, with many of the First Families of America, including the Washingtons, Balls, and Lees among others.

This book can be ordered directly from Kathleen Much. She can be contacted at much.bookdr AT

I am unsure as to how many copies are left, so if you are the least bit inclined to get one, I would do so quickly.


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